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Overview of Distance Learning

Even though the SCS campus remains closed, all SCS students will continue connecting to their teachers through the school's distance learning platforms.  SCS teachers continue to receive professional development and training to ensure that student learning is effective, engaging, and meaningful. 

SCS families should read the Parent-Student Expectations for Distance Learning within each divisional distance learning page to understand how we will utilize asynchronous (not at the same time) online learning tools.  Parents can also access other division specific information pertaining to our technology, learning platforms, counseling services, research pertaining to COVID-19, and other free academic and entertainment resources.  


Advice for Parents during Distance Learning 

One of the best ways for parents to encourage continuous learning for their child is to foster a proper environment for study.
  • Check the class list of all work that is due for each subject or class. 
  • Work with your child to set a timetable for their study which may include breaks and deadlines.
  • Set up your child's work space in a common area and remove items that may cause distraction. Students require a computer to complete their work, so it is necessary to regularly monitor your child's progress.
  • Discuss the work completed by your child and compare with the assignments listed.
  • If it is clear that your child is having difficulty completing the work due to technological difficulties or any reason, please contact their teacher.


Digital Destination: Resources for Fun and Education

Families are spending more time together due to the quarantine, and it can be challenging to find things to do when the school work is done. Click here to access our new Digital Destination Page for lots of resources that will give families some things to do online and at home, and that the time spent together is a time of learning, fun, and growing closer together.