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Elementary Division

The elementary division of Santiago Christian School consists of the Early Childhood Education program and the Elementary School.  The Early Childhood Education program is made up of PreK and Kindergarten.  Students in the age range of 3-4 years are enrolled the PreK program while students at age 5 are enrolled in the Kindergarten program.  Elementary School students are in grades 1 to 4.
Early Childhood Education
The ECE department is a happy place where children play and learn together with loving teachers in a safe environment. What a joy to watch our youngest students growing in character, wisdom, and influence as they daily give thanks, explore God's beautiful world, and pray for one another.
Although many of our students come from all over the globe many most children are either native-English or native-Spanish speakers. Our ECE teaching staff include both native-English and native-Spanish speakers, so students are constantly interacting with native speakers of both languages. At SCS, we believe that bilingualism is a precious skill that God can use to advance opportunities for leadership and service in all of life.
Elementary School
In the Elementary School, excellence begins with the quality of instruction, materials, and experiences we provide for our students and, in time, develops into an expectation for and commitment to excellence by our students. Research-based learning tools and strategies and consistently administered standardized assessments provide a cohesive, quality learning experience. Our North American-educated professional teaching staff treasures each child as a unique individual made in the image of God. It is our privilege to serve the Lord by partnering with parents to shape young lives.

Welcome to the SCS Elementary School!

Welcome to Santiago Christian School and the Elementary Division!  It is my pleasure to serve your family as Elementary Principal.  One of the first impressions that you will receive at SCS is that our teachers and staff love children and are passionate about education.  This passion begins with expressing the love of Jesus Christ in each daily encounter and praying for your families.  We seek to discover, affirm, and cultivate the giftings of each child.  Our programs are continually monitored and adapted to fit the unique needs of your child.  Our highly trained staff implement a comprehensive United States, English-based education while also developing Spanish skills and introducing Dominican history.  The early years of education are foundational to future learning, and we ask for God’s favor in providing learning opportunities that help each child to grow intellectually, academically, physically, and spiritually.  As students transition to the secondary school they have encountered dozens of staff members focusing on developing children into personas integras through strengthening their character, wisdom, influence. 

I am praying for your family, and we look forward to bringing you into the SCS family.  

Dr. Christopher Gann
Elementary Principal