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Course Offerings

Core tenents of the SCS high school curricula remain the same while others change based upon educational trends and projections and student feedback.  Language is at the core of all subjects taught at SCS.  The language program at SCS is designed to graduate students who are fluent in both English and Spanish. English language arts, mathematics, science, American history, and Bible are taught in English. Subjects taught in Spanish include Spanish grammar and literature and Dominican social studies. French is also taught at the high school level as an elective course. As a result of the dual-language requirements, our students develop academic literacy in two languages. They interact, test, research, and write papers in both English and Spanish. High school students are required to have 4 years of English, 4 years of Spanish, and 4 semesters of French in order to graduate.
Students also have the option to take elective courses in technology and computer science, advanced science and mathematics, and special interest topics in fine arts and music.  

Advanced Learning

SCS offers optional advanced studies in order for students to challenge themselves and engage with concepts and issues at a higher level of complexity and difficulty. There are three levels of advanced courses at SCS: Honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment.
Honors Courses Honors coursework is offered beginning in grade 11. The pace of study is increased for honors courses and the requirements for assignments are more rigorous. Honors courses are graded on a 4.5 GPA scale. Honors courses prepare students for AP and dual enrollment courses. 
Advanced Placement (AP) Courses The Advanced Placement program is administered by the College Board, which is based in the United States. AP courses provide students with the opportunity to study subjects at a university level while still in high school. The College Board must first approve all course syllabi in order for a school to offer a course. AP courses prepare students for the AP exams that are given each spring. Students can earn college credit with a passing grade on an AP exam. Current AP courses offered at SCS are Calculus AB, English Literature and Composition, Physics, Computer Science, and Principles of Computer Science.  Many students take the AP Spanish Language for college credit based on their SCS studies in Spanish. Students wishing to take additional AP courses may do so online for a fee, receiving SCS credit.
Dual Enrollment Courses SCS also has a dual enrollment agreement with Colorado Christian University (CCU). Designated advanced courses are eligible for dual enrollment credit with CCU, and students receive a CCU transcript indicating their college credit upon successfully completing the course. 
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