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Model United Nations

Model United Nations is a student organization that trains students to be globally minded – to think and debate critically about global problems and possible solutions. Model UN is a program characterized by rigorous commitment and challenges that meld students into a team. The team's one purpose is to participate as delegates in one of the United Nations conferences in which each delegate has the function of representing a country, researching a global issue, and debating a position.
SCS Model UN has a long history of excelling in both national and international competitions. It is open to students in grades 6 to 12. Each year, SCS Model UN participates in CILA, the Dominican national conference, and in the International Model UN Conference held in New York City or Boston. Members also participate in multiple local conferences and trainings. As an extracurricular activity, Model UN gives students the opportunity to learn about the United Nations organization, its protocol and purpose; to develop debating skills; to resolve and negotiate conflicts; to learn oratory skills; to gain a deep understanding of what it means to be a global citizen; and to commit to the resolution of current global issues. Through SCS Model UN, students are catching a vision for how they can work together to shape a better world