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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is entrusted to preserve the foundations upon which SCS was founded and to ensure that the mission of the school is accomplished. The Board is comprised of volunteers who adhere to a policy governance model approving all policy-level decisions and long range plans. The Board holds the Executive Director accountable to implement these policies and plans. The self-perpetuating Board represents a variety of backgrounds but shares a common faith in Jesus and commitment to formando personas íntegras. Click here to read a letter from the Board of Directors!
Executive Committee
  • Pedro Martinez (President)
  • Richard Vallette (Vice President)
  • Pablo Koo (Treasurer)
  • Trena Johnson (Secretary)
  • Aldemaro Muniz (Member at Large/Vocal)
General Assembly
  • Rita Alvarez
  • Trudy Bekker
  • Gary Byrd
  • Brian Berman
  • Fanny Gomez
  • John Webb

Our Faculty and Staff


The faculty and staff at Santiago Christian School are purpose-driven, followers of Christ.  Our educators are highly credentialed, committed to academic excellence, and love students and value parent partnerships. At SCS, we believe that the strength of our faculty is the key to every student's academic success and personal growth. We believe that after the family, teachers hold the greatest responsibility and opportunity for shaping the lives of our students.

  Name Title Group
Natanael Almonte Almonte, Natanael Assistant Systems Manager Faculty
Yanilka Baez Baez, Yanilka Health Office Manager Faculty
Lauren Baird Baird, Lauren Guidance Counselor Faculty
Elizabeth Beato Beato, Elizabeth Secondary Teacher Faculty
Luisa Beato Beato, Luisa Elementary Teacher Faculty
Jenissa Bojos Bojos, Jenissa Secondary Teacher Faculty
Arianny Brenes Brenes, Arianny Elementary Associate Teacher Faculty
Rachael Browne Browne, Rachael Director of Curriculum and Instruction Administration, Faculty
Tamera Byrd Byrd, Tamera Elementary Teacher Faculty
Dania Cárdenas Cárdenas, Dania Secondary Teacher Faculty
Sandy Cazeau Cazeau, Sandy Secondary Teacher Faculty
Ycelsa Celestino Celestino, Ycelsa Elementary Teacher Faculty
Lilliam Checo Checo, Lilliam Admissions Manager Faculty
Juan Jose Checo Gobaira Checo Gobaira, Juan Jose Secondary Teacher Faculty
Noah Cohen Cohen, Noah Student Support Teacher Faculty
Diane Cooper de Moya Cooper de Moya, Diane Elementary Teacher Faculty
Maria Cruz Cruz, Maria Teacher Aide Faculty
Owen Davis Davis, Owen Executive Director Administration, Faculty
Valerie Davis Davis, Valerie Secondary Teacher Faculty
Kevin Dawson Dawson, Kevin Secondary Teacher Faculty
Anne De Moya De Moya, Anne Teacher Administration, Faculty
Yudelka Disla Disla, Yudelka Early Childhood Teacher Faculty
Maria Dominguez Dominguez, Maria Student Support Teacher Faculty
Yasmin Duarte Duarte, Yasmin Associate Teacher Faculty
Angela Epplett Epplett, Angela Student Support Teacher Faculty
Ana Felix Felix, Ana Associate Teacher Faculty
Gladys Fermin Fermin, Gladys Elementary Academic Secretary Faculty
Edym Fernandez Fernandez, Edym Communication Specialist Faculty
Rosa Fernandez Fernandez, Rosa Teacher Aide Faculty
Manuel Fondeur Fondeur, Manuel Elementary Teacher Faculty
Christopher Gann Gann, Christopher Director of Advancement Administration, Faculty
Jennifer Gann Gann, Jennifer Secondary School Principal Administration, Faculty
Catherine Gracesqui Gracesqui, Catherine Secondary Teacher Faculty
Genevieve Gunsolus Gunsolus, Genevieve Secondary Teacher Faculty
Ana Maria Guzman Gil Guzman Gil, Ana Maria Secondary Academic Secretary Faculty
Nick Heider Heider, Nick Elementary Teacher Faculty
Juan Herrera Herrera, Juan Director of Athletics Faculty
Nathaly Hilario Hilario, Nathaly Student Support Teacher Faculty
Marie Elva Jean Jean, Marie Elva Secondary Teacher Faculty
Josefina Joaquin Joaquin, Josefina Secondary Teacher Faculty
Carlos Gabriel Jorge Cabrera Jorge Cabrera, Carlos Gabriel Security Manager Faculty
Cesarina Lopez Lopez, Cesarina Early Childhood Teacher Faculty
Claudia Lopez Lopez, Claudia Elementary Teacher Faculty
Victoria Luciano Luciano, Victoria Secondary Teacher Faculty
Marina Luciano Dominguez Luciano Dominguez, Marina Elementary Teacher Faculty
Juhany Madera Madera, Juhany Registrar Faculty
Michael Maloney Maloney, Michael Elementary Teacher Faculty
Jose Luis Marte Marte, Jose Luis Systems Manager Faculty
Leury del Carmen Marte Marte, Leury del Carmen Elementary Teacher Faculty
Edith Martinez Martinez, Edith Associate Teacher Faculty
Roxanna Martinez Martinez, Roxanna Secondary Teacher Faculty
Emma Mowbray Mowbray, Emma Secondary Teacher Faculty
Steven Nicom Nicom, Steven Secondary Teacher Faculty
Yadira Nunez Nunez, Yadira Early Childhood Associate Teacher Faculty
Haley O'Meara O'Meara, Haley Secondary Teacher Faculty
Sandra Perdomo de Herrera Perdomo de Herrera, Sandra Director of Operations Administration, Faculty
Cindy Pereyra Pereyra, Cindy Student Support Teacher Faculty
Sara Pereyra Pereyra, Sara Secondary Teacher Faculty
Deisy Perez de Ureña Perez de Ureña, Deisy Early Childhood Teacher Faculty
Sara Plohetski Plohetski, Sara Elementary Teacher Faculty
Roddy Esther Polanco Ramos Polanco Ramos, Roddy Esther Finance Faculty
Leira Ramos Teruel Ramos Teruel, Leira Elementary Teacher Faculty
Alba Rodriguez Rodriguez, Alba Guidance Counselor Faculty
Karen Rodriguez Rodriguez, Karen Purchasing/Accounts Receivable Faculty
Marielys Rodriguez Rodriguez, Marielys Teacher Aide Faculty
Daniel Roels Roels, Daniel Chaplain Faculty
Lyet Rosario Rosario, Lyet Executive Assistant Administration, Faculty
Brianna Schueller Schueller, Brianna Elementary Teacher Faculty
Bianka Suriel Suriel, Bianka Student Service Coordinator Administration, Faculty
Julia Taves Taves, Julia Elementary School Principal Administration, Faculty
Aldonsa Valerio Grullon Valerio Grullon, Aldonsa Student Service Coordinator Faculty
Ana Vargas Vargas, Ana School Psychologist Faculty
Rafael Vargas Vargas, Rafael Director of Finance Administration, Faculty
Michael Webster Webster, Michael Secondary Teacher Faculty
Natalie Webster Webster, Natalie Human Resources Manager Administration, Faculty
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