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Secondary Division


The secondary division of Santiago Christian School consists of the Middle School and the High School.  The Middle School consists of students in grades 5 through 8.  Students in High School are enrolled in grades 9 through 12.  

Middle School

Middle school marks students' journey of growth from young, eager elementary students into maturing, independent students. It is a time of remarkable physical change and should also be a time of intellectual expansion, personal discovery, and spiritual growth. The goal of the Santiago Christian Middle School Program is to guide students through this wonderful time of life with a view toward helping them become personas íntegras, reflecting Jesus in character, wisdom, and influence.

High School
The High School course of study is designed with two ends in mind: To equip students with the academic skills needed to succeed in college and beyond and to build strong character modeled after Jesus, which will serve as a guide for each student's future.  Highly skilled, professional staff ensure students receive the academic instruction and skills needed to be successful when transitioning into their next phase of life.