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Language Support Services


Second language acquisition is an essential part of student learning at SCS as all students are learning in a second language (either English or Spanish). SCS invests heavily in second language acquisition training for all teaching faculty. This professional development equips teachers to implement classroom strategies that promote academic fluency within the domains of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.  Students graduating from SCS display language skills in English and Spanish that allow them to be successful in college, business, and beyond.  Language acquisition and support occurs in three different ways at SCS:

General Education Classrooms

All students receive specialized language instruction in their general education classrooms.  Teachers are trained in The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) model, a research-based approach used  throughout the world to help children develop second language proficiency, specifically in the English language. The SIOP model is an integral part of every SCS classroom. While the core curriculum is taught in English by native English speakers, students are introduced to literacy development skills in both English and Spanish in the early grades. 

English as a Second Language (ESP)

The English as a Second Language Program (ESP) is designed to provide additional support in their English language courses.  Students entering SCS in grades 1 and above are tested to determine if ESP would be required to make a successful transition into a full English language program.  ESP has different levels of service based upon the needs of the student.  Students entering the program have language and academic goals that are regularly communicated to parents.  Most students exit ESP within 3 years.

Spanish as a Second Language (SSP)

The Spanish as a Second Language Program (SSP) is designed to provide guided instruction for students learning the Spanish language.  Most non-Spanish speaking students enter the program during their first year at SCS.  Students take the course during their Spanish and Sociales classes.  Similar to ESP, students are exited from the program once language skills allow them to be successful in a Spanish language classroom.


For more information regarding language support, ESP, or SSP, please contact the appropriate office by using the links on the right side of the page.


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    Crista Norfrey