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Fine Arts

The fine arts curriculum at SCS consists of visual, theatrical, and musical arts. It is based on two essential truths: first, that artistic creation helps students notice and explore the richness and complexity of God’s creation in the everyday world; second, that the language of art provides a unique means for students to articulate and communicate God’s beauty and truth. From PK3 to grade 12, the fine arts are an integral part of an SCS education. Students in ECE begin by exploring shapes, colors, play-acting, and music and, by time they enter high school, students are studying great artists and producing sophisticated works of their own.
  • Elementary and Middle School Music. SCS students begin loving music at a young age. Elementary students learn and master singing games that instill in their minds the basic musical concepts of steady beat, dynamics, proper singing voices, basic rhythms, and beginning sight-reading techniques. Middle school music takes elementary basics a step further: Students learn to discuss and explain different aspects of music in all genres, including music of the past and present. They look at music in different forms, such as how it plays an important emotional role in movies. Students learn to write and compose musical excerpts and explore performing their compositions on classroom rhythm instruments.
  • High School Choir. In high school choir, students spend class time practicing proper singing techniques as individuals and in groups. They prepare a wide variety of exciting pieces to perform for an audience on Fine Arts Nights.
  • Music Appreciation. In this course, high school students study music theory and learn to read basic rhythms and melodies in treble and bass clefs. They compose rhythms and melodies and perform them on instruments. Students also explore music history and learn how music has changed through the ages. Students learn how to analyze music critically, developing an appreciation for the roots of the music that they enjoy today.
  • Guitar.  Students learn the basics of guitar, including finger placement, strumming, sight-reading, and understanding groove and chord placement. Students present their learning at the end of the year on Fine Arts Night.
  • Chapel Band. Chapel band is for students who wish to lead their peers in worship during chapel. Students learn to work together as an ensemble, growing in their instruments and branching out to learn new instruments when appropriate. Students learn to be spiritually minded while leading worship.

Basic acting, stage performance, and theatrical production are the topics of the Theater Arts course. Students explore the role of costumes, light, sound, props, the set, and makeup as they work to produce a play. Students have the opportunity to perform in a Fall play and participate in the Spring Musical.

As early as kindergarten, SCS students are in the art studio learning about colors, mixing paints, and creating 3D objects using materials such as paper and clay. By grade 5, students have experience with a variety of art forms such as sculpture and printmaking. In middle school, students explore art through collaboration, research, observation, and hands-on experience. They become familiar with the important movements in art history. In high school, students express themselves in multiple mediums and appreciate the many ways that art reflects and inspires life.


"Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord, let us shout out loud to the Rock of our salvation!"
Psalm 95:1


Music is God's gift to us — designed for praise, worship, inspiration, and fun! Every SCS student learns the foundations of music during the academic day and the afternoons are full of opportunities for music-lovers to explore and deepen their abilities in exciting ways.
Fall Play and Spring Musical
Live theater invites everyone to celebrate life. Students audition and participate in a Fall play. The Fall 2023 play is Alice in Wonderland. The annual SCS spring musical gives the entire school community a chance to be involved through acting, singing, set construction, costume-designing, make-up artistry, tech support, fundraising, or through supporting the cast from the audience. From auditions to choregraphy, students work diligently in anticipation of the SCS spring musical. Recent performances have included Peter Pan, Aladdin, The Sound of Music, and The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast. The Spring 2024 musical is The Wizard of Oz. The SCS spring musical always promises to be a highlight of the school year. Bravo!
Private Music Lessons
Learning to play an instrument develops more than just musical abilities. Work ethic, patience, persistence, creativity, focus, memory, discipline, confidence, and poise increase as students commit to regularly practicing their instrument. We value private music lessons as an opportunity for SCS students to learn proper technique, new repertoire, and music theory in a more concentrated setting than the school day allows. There are many highly qualified private music teachers on the SCS staff and in the surrounding area. If you are interested in locating a private music teacher for your student, the SCS music department would be happy to make a referral.  Please contact the elementary or secondary divisional office for information regarding a referral.