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Our Calling


Every SCS employee plays an important role in fulfilling the SCS mission. Principals, cleaners, teachers, secretaries, coaches, counselors, and groundskeepers take seriously our shared responsibility to inspire learners while pointing them to Jesus and modeling what it looks like to live committed to Him. Working at SCS is not just a job. It is a calling.


Our Educators
The single most important factor in the quality of an education is the quality of a school's teaching faculty. Our highly-qualified, passionate, and dedicated teachers are what makes an SCS education excellent. All of our teachers are licensed and many hold master’s degrees, yet each one pursues professional development opportunities to sharpen their teaching skills. In the classroom, they inspire students to think critically, to reason well, and to express themselves clearly. Beyond the classroom, they put their expansive interests, talents, and experiences to work inspiring students to grow as leaders, athletes, artists, actors, musicians, and followers of Jesus.

Our Support Staff
SCS support staff share the beliefs, passions, and vision of our educators, adding tremendous value to the SCS experience. They are highly-qualified for their roles and dedicated to formando personas íntegras.

Child Safety at SCS

The welfare and safety of children are paramount in SCS’s policies and procedures. SCS’s commitment is to provide a safe and loving environment in which children are nurtured and cared for in a way that allows them to learn and grow in order to become all they are capable of being. This includes valuing them, regarding them positively, and treating them with the respect and care they deserve as bearers of God’s image. The school’s hiring process includes a thorough child safety screening and training protocol. The school’s child safety manual can be found here

Overseas Hires

SCS understands that following God’s call to pick up and move to a foreign country is a costly venture. To help with the transition, SCS offers generous support to those who are making an international move to the Dominican Republic for the primary purpose of working at SCS. The overseas differential is the recognition that oversees hire employees have left their home country exclusively and specifically for relocation to Santiago Christian School. The details of the accommodations that make up the overseas differential are established through the SCS contract and include the following elements:
Assistance with visa/work permit acquisition and renewal process/costs for employee, spouse, and up to three eligible dependent children
Pre-service expatriate orientation
Initial one-way flight to the DR in the first year for employee, spouse, and up to three eligible dependent children
Assistance with housing, banking, and cell phone set up
International health, life, and emergency evacuation coverage for employee, spouse and eligible dependent children until they turn 26
Annual international travel allowance for employee, spouse, and up to three eligible dependent children until they turn 23 or marry


Employee salaries are paid in U.S. dollars and calculated on a single scale, accounting for degree type and level, and for years of experience.


Employee benefits are designed in compliance with local labor law, established through the SCS contract, and include the following:
  • Local health insurance stipulated by local labor law for employee, spouse, and all eligible dependent children
  • Private health insurance for employee, spouse, and up to three eligible dependents until they turn 26
  • Local pension plan as stipulated in labor law
  • Life insurance
  • Matching savings/retirement plan
  • SCS scholarship for eligible dependent children who meet admissions requirements, where space is available (fees apply)
  • Child allowance for up to three eligible dependent children until they turn 23 or marry
  • Continuing education subsidized by SCS upon application approval
  • Leave: holiday, vacation, sick, bereavement, maternity/paternity, matrimonial
  • Bus transportation from within the established bus route to and from school on school days

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