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"The purpose of Santiago Christian School is to produce alumni who are personas íntegras. We desire alumni to display growing maturity as disciples of Jesus by increasingly reflecting him in character, wisdom and influence."


A Strong Faith

December 01, 2020
By Santiago Christian School

Carolina Diplán Flores graduated in 2005 and received her Bachelor's Degree in Marketing with a minor in Advertising at International Academy of Design in Orlando, Florida. She is the founder of a nonprofit organization called Home Of Change ( She said, "Our mission is to build and support safe homes for victims of sex trafficking. We currently support two safe homes worldwide. Our headquarters, originally in Orlando, FL are now in the Netherlands." At SCS, she was involved in everything from student council and National Honor Society to Bible studies and volunteer work. "It taught me so many skills I still use to this day. Academically, I believe SCS provided the foundation I needed to excel in college. Spiritually, the teachers and leaders were a reflection of Christ and that planted a seed in my heart that has blossomed into the strong faith and convictions I live by now. For that, I am forever grateful."

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