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"The purpose of Santiago Christian School is to produce alumni who are personas íntegras. We desire alumni to display growing maturity as disciples of Jesus by increasingly reflecting him in character, wisdom and influence."


Improving our World

January 01, 2021
By Santiago Christian School

Carlos J. Ziegenhirt, Class of 1994, CEO of the local CCD – Contact Center Dominicana, in Domyn Mall, Santiago, which employs more than 300 people. Carlos and his wife Carolina Balbuena, have two children in the SCS, Mayer and Martha. They are avid proponents of a high quality English-speaking Christian education in the formative years of their children's lives.

Carlos's formula for success in business is this: "Like what you do and enjoy it and have a goal to create." In their situation, Carlos and Carolina work together and love what they do. They are fulfilling their goal of creating many jobs. He has also been greatly influenced by his uncle, Dr. Roberto Diaz, and his 'big picture' thinking and dreaming of the Dominican Republic of the future. His friendships from high school continue to day with Luis Arocha, Gerson Perez, and Hemky Madera. "I have had the privilege in my life to have attended many great and distinguished academies in the United States from Forman to Andover, but I was lucky enough to graduate from SCS because that is where I met Jesus. Wonderful teachers from Mercer to Hagland, Gardner to Walters and others who were all instruments of Christ which in one way or another molded my faith into what it is today. SCS continues today to be an industry of Christian citizens with a sense of duty, filled with both purpose and the Holy Spirit, and with a hunger to improve their world."

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