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Our sports teams stand out in the closure of ACCAS

During the weekend, the ACCAS league closed with great performance of our sports teams. The HS Boys Basketball Team continued with SCS`s basketball teams dynasty in the last three years without losing a single game and won the championship undefeated.

The HS Girls Soccer Team clinched the second place losing the final game in penalties doing an amazing tournament and, for the first time participating and with a very young team, the MS Girls Volleyball Team got the second place in the tournament losing only the final game.

One more time the teams had an excellent behavior and respect for the game; our HS Girls Soccer Team was recognized with the sportsmanship award. The GRACE was there, we had the support of the fans and players of the others teams even when we beat them, they loved us!

10th Grade Retreat

On March 9, the 10th grade class participated in a day retreat in Moca. They engaged in a number of fun activities where they learned some lifelong lessons. The activities required teams to work together, to communicate in an effective manner, to strategize as a team, to lead, to encourage each other, to listen, and to follow directions among many other things. After each activity, teams and their leaders met to reflect on their actions and on ways to improve their productivity. The day concluded with a talk about how Christ must be the foundation in our lives. It is not enough to know about God, we must also follow Him, obey Him and serve with Him.

SCS at ACCAS Tournament

Our 7-8 Grade Soccer Teams had great performances at the ACCAS tournament held on March 3-4 at Carol Morgan School. The girls finished in Second Place while the boys got the Third. The girls team was recognized with the Sportsmanship Award. We are very proud of our students, not only for excelling in sports, but also in Christ-like character and respect. Congratulations to them, our coaches and parents!

HS Dominican Program

Our Dominican roots were on full display as our students performed to a packed GYM, full of fellow students and parents who came to be a part of the closure of a week-long celebration of Independence Day. We'd like to thank the Parents' Association for their continuous support, our Dominican Program teachers for bringing the beauty of our rich culture to SCS through our students, and specially our parents for participating and supporting these activities.

Third Grade learns about Dominican History

Creativity in children is something wonderful. Third Grade investigated some important events and characters about our Dominican history, and then presented it to their classmates. They really enjoyed and learned more about their own history as a country.

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