Partner Schools

A major challenge confronting Dominican society is the need to develop Biblical ethics for Christian involvement in a society which has been crippled by its own corruption. According to the World Economic Forum 2014-15 report analyzing 144 countries, the Dominican Republic ranks 139th in "Reliability of Police Services," 138th in "Quality of Primary Education," and 132nd in "Diversion of Public Funds." The continual cycles of corruption and lack of ethics result in widespread poverty and one of the world's worst educational systems.

At SCS, we do our part to break the cycle of corruption and poverty by shaping the lives of our students through discipleship and the combined programs of the Santiago Institute for Leadership and Justice. But that is just the beginning. We also partner with poorer Christian schools to maximize their impact by capitalizing on the strengths and connections of SCS. Our own motto is clear: changed lives on our campus will change the nation. When our students, staff, and parents are deeply involved with partner schools, they will change as God demonstrates how He can use their bountiful resources to strengthen those in need. It is our deepest prayer that SCS's changed graduates will follow Jesus and boldly lead their nation with a new integrity and concern for the poor.

Give the Gift of Hope

Give from the Dominican Republic

“Shaping the Lives Foundation” is a Dominican foundation approved to receive donations and make in-kind distributions to support needy schools in the Dominican Republic. Wayne Lynch, Jean Hache, Huberto Perez, Jim Vincent, and Seth Cohen manage the fund. Eduardo Trueba functions as the fund's legal counsel. Any SCS board member can receive gifts in pesos to help give hope to an SCS partner school. The foundation's RNC is 4-30-14387-1.

Give from the United States

"Santiago Christian School Foundation" is a foundation in the United States approved to receive donations to support needy schools in the Dominican Republic. Board members are W. Benjamin Hoffman (Chairman), Glenn Boyd, David Blossom, Priscilla Stothers, Rich Vallette, David Schwulst, John Webb, Robert Simrak, and Brian Berman. Gifts to the foundation are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law if you are filing a US tax return. The foundation's tax ID number is 36-4385849.

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