Bring a Team

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work? We could use your help!

SCS and its partner schools in poor communities welcome teams who are serious about sacrificial service to the Lord. Bible camps, construction projects, sports ministries, clean-up initiatives, and medical outreaches make a lasting impact in people's lives. The needs here are tremendous, and your gifts of time, talent, and treasure are a very real encouragement. Of course, our prayer is that when you serve with us, you will meet God in ever-deepening ways.

The Dominican Republic is a great place to bring a team. Airfares are reasonable, people are friendly, and the weather is absolutely wonderful. If you bring the team, we'll arrange work plans, lodging, meals, ground transportation, devotionals, debriefing and even a day at the beach. College departments, churches, family reunions, youth groups, sport teams, graduating classes, and groups of close friends make great teams. What are you waiting for?

Select the link to request information about bringing a team.