Distance Learning

Student learning continues online at Santiago Christian School! 

Even though campus is temporarily closed, all SCS students will be working on their devices to connect with their teachers who are working to create meaningful learning experiences in every grade-level. Distance learning will continue until Monday, April 27th in hopes of returning to campus on Tuesday, April 28th. In the meantime, families should read the Parent-Student Expectations for Distance Learning to understand how we will utilize asynchronous (not at the same time) online learning tools.

Click below to access Google Classroom for each division:

Counseling Corner: 

The SCS counseling team will be available via email and online to provide emotional support for students.  Do not hesitate to email our counselors if you have a concern for your child.  They are: Elementary Counselor Cait Reid (creid@scs.edu.do), Secondary Counselor Heather Colbert (hcolbert@scs.edu.do), and Secondary School Psychologist Ana Vargas (avargas@scs.edu.do).

Click here for Miss Cait's online counseling services for elementary students and office hours!


Advice for Parents: 

One of the best ways for parents to encourage continuous learning for their child is to foster a proper environment for study.

1. Check the class list of all work that is due for each subject or class. 

2. Work with your child to set a timetable for their study which may include breaks and deadlines.

3. Set up your child's work space in a common area and remove items that may cause distraction. Students require a computer to complete their work, so it is necessary to regularly monitor your child's progress.

4. Discuss the work completed by your child and compare with the assignments listed.

5. If it is clear that your child is having difficulty completing the work due to technological difficulties or any reason, please contact their teacher.


As our school transitions online, the Administration wants to make sure to keep families informed about our services and priorities. Stay up-to-date here!