SCS News

Need to spread the word about an upcoming event? Want to inspire people to participate in a class fundraiser? Couldn't make it to the last soccer game and want to see some footage of our athletes in action? Look no further than SCS News—bringing the latest and greatest to students, family, and friends of Santiago Christian School. Our studio emits informative, entertaining, up-to-date broadcasts covering all things SCS.

The crew members of SCS News are constantly adapting their approach and trying out new creative styles to meet the challenges of producing media in today's quickly-evolving world of communication. The innovative news team is committed to serving the entire campus and building a stronger SCS community through shared experiences. Our goal is to find the point where art and technology intersect to bring you the very best of what our school has to offer. So what are you waiting for? ¡No esperes más--ponte al día con SCS News!