Library Hours

Monday 7:30am—3:55pm
Tuesday 7:30am—3:30pm
Wednesday 7:30am—3:55pm
Thursday 7:30am—3:55pm
Friday 7:30am—3:30pm

Welcome to the SCS Library!

Who can use the library?

EVERYONE! SCS welcomes all students and their families to take advantage of the resources in our library.

What can I do in the Library?

Besides checking out a book, many students find the library a great place to study or work on homework. Spacious tables provide an area to write, use a personal laptop, or work with a classmate. Comfortable seating offers students looking to read or study just the right place to do so.

Can I get online or print in the library?

The SCS library features desktop computers for student use. Students may complete homework, do research online, or print their work. The library printer is available before school from 7:30am until 8am and after school from 3:00pm until closing time. Students should always save their work on a personal flash drive or online storage site such at Google Drive or One Drive.

How can I check out a book?

Simply pick out the book you want and bring it to the librarian at the desk. Students in grades K-5 are given a chance to check out books during their weekly library class. Older students are welcome any time during library hours; no need for a library card or number as all students are programmed into our electronic library system. Of course, all book checkouts are completely free.

What level and language are the books in the library?

The SCS library collection features picture books, chapter books, and non-fiction books at all reading levels. While the SCS library is primarily an English language collection, it also offers a small collection of picture books, chapter books and non-fiction books in Spanish.

How and when do I return a book?

Just through the library doors is an orange, wooden book-return box. Please gently deposit the book into the box through slot at top of the front side. Book checkouts last for two weeks and books can be renewed if more time is needed.

Can parents check out books for their children?

Certainly! Parents are encouraged to visit the library any time before, during, or after school. Make reading a family event and choose a book for every member of the family, parents included!

How many books may I check out?

Students in grades K-5 are allowed to have one book checked out at a time. Grades 6-12 may check out two books at a time. PK students are welcome to check out books when a parent is present.

Can you help me find a book?

The SCS library staff is always happy to help you find the right book. If you're at home, wanting to know if a particular book is available, or just browsing for a topic, try starting with the SCS Online Library Catalog.

Follow the link and click on 'Santiago Christian School'. Type your search into the 'Find' box at the top, center of the page. Then click the button that corresponds with your preferred search method: keyword, title, author, subject, or series.

Search results will appear in list form with book title, author, and call number on the left hand side. Call numbers (written as 'call #') tell where to find the book in the library. The library staff would be glad to show how to locate a particular call number, if you are uncertain how to do so.

The right hand side of the list shows book availability, written in the form 'A of B available'. A represents how many copies of that book are currently checked into the library. B shows how many total copies the library owns. For example, '1 of 2 available' means that the library owns a total of two copies of that book, one of which is currently checked out. The other, then, is available for you to checkout!

Can the library help with my research project?

Besides our physical collection of non-fiction texts, SCS offers students use of EBSCO Databases. This is an online collection of scholarly articles which can be searched to find dozens of results on nearly any topic. The EBSCO Databases are available to all SCS students free of charge. Students may login using the user ID and password given by their English teacher.