SCS Athletics is governed by policies set by the executive director, administered by the athletic director, and implemented by coaches. Coaches report to the athletic director and are primarily responsible for team compliance.

SCS coaches are the most significant component of the athletic program. They are both teachers and active participants. They possess a thorough knowledge of the sport and are committed to regular, detailed analysis and preparation. Coaches motivate students toward competitive athletic excellence and inspire them to reach their full physical potential through rigorous training for strength, speed, endurance, and skill.

SCS coaches are passionate about pointing athletes to Jesus. They use lessons from the ups and downs of the game to teach the kind of character that displays humility in victory, resilience in loss, and a dedication to continual refinement for God’s glory.


The athletic director, coaches, and athletes vote to choose the team captains at the end of the spring playing season. Being a team captain is one of the greatest honors an athlete can receive. The honor comes with great responsibility. Talent is essential but not enough. Team captains are passionate, persistent, skillful, committed, humble, inclusive, encouraging, and approachable. They are SCS leaders who participate in Leaders In Training (LIT). They lead by being the point person for the coach and by serving their team with their actions and example. Team captains must:

Raise the standard
Be on time
Work the hardest
Push further
Stay positive

Demand excellence

Confront bad attitudes
Refocus wasted energies
Challenge mediocrity
Inspire greatness