Come to the game! You'll love what you see.

They are passionate and persistent. They work as a team. They play tough, but with integrity. They practice sportsmanship both on and off the field. They are more than just athletes. They are Eagles. Sometimes they fly in formation and sometimes they soar solo, but one thing is certain: The SCS Eagles always aim higher than the score.

See you at the game!

Juan Herrera

Athletic Director
P: 809-570-6140 ext. 306
C: 809-757-2828


To develop personas íntegras through the pursuit of competitive athletic excellence.

Competitive athletic excellence serves team before self, wins with humility, perseveres through adversity, and demands perpetual improvement for the glory of God.


  • Pursuing competitive athletic excellence
  • Training for strength, speed, endurance, and skill
  • Leading with integrity
  • Coaching for discipleship
  • Reflecting Jesus in character, wisdom, and influence

Eagle Philosophy

We view athletics as an ideal environment for the development of Christ-like character, wisdom and influence. Excellence for God's glory is our standard in the pursuit of winning competitions, practicing with energy and enthusiasm, working as a team, pushing beyond setbacks, and taking care of our physical bodies and facilities. Rigorous strength and endurance training protects and prepares our athletes to succeed at the highest levels of play. High-caliber coaches know their sport and are committed to the whole athlete - athletically, academically, socially, and spiritually. Our coaches love Jesus and point their players to him.

Athletic Events

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