After School Clubs

Come have some fun! After-school clubs give elementary students a place to express themselves through art and movement, to ask good questions, and to develop fresh understanding in a relaxed setting. Students love to "belong" while friendships blossom and the school community is strengthened. Outside of the classroom, students grow as they watch teachers modeling time management, sportsmanship, creativity, respect, enthusiasm, and love.

The following is a list of clubs for the 2017-18 school year:

  • Zumba Kids: Tuesday (Kinder - 8th grade) Miss Carla. Promote a healthy lifestyle, incorporate physical activity as a natural part of life and increase the focus in any situation with increased coordination.
  • Puzzle Club: Wednesday (Kinder - 8th grade) Miss Kendy. Puzzle activities represent a challenge that generates great satisfaction and elevates self-esteem. Puzzle-solving promotes curiosity to compose the unknown, builds tolerance to the work and builds patience and perseverance in the midst of difficulties.
  • Ukelele Club: Wednesday (2nd - 12th grade) Miss Fisher. Learn how to play the ukulele and to be challenged in individual practicing and performance skills. Students will learn all different styles of music and will have fun performing together and alone!
  • Board Game Club: Wednesday (7th - 10th grade) Miss Gunsolus. Not your average board game club…students who are looking for a good game! Increase your mental speed and concentration!
  • Art Club: Thursday (Kinder - 4th grade) Miss Doron. Have you ever wondered how to make paper or tie dye a shirt? Do you like painting in crazy ways like using bubbles and fruit? Join art club for all these fun things and more!!!
  • Pen Pal Club: Thursday (3rd - 7th grade) Miss Wilcox. Learn about and explore your own culture. Write and receive letters to share what your life is like and hear from students in another culture share what their experiences are! Students in Pen Pal Club will partner with the current students in Ms. Funnell's (former SCS student teacher) ESL classes in the US state of Kentucky.
  • Braid Club: Thursday (Kinder - 8th grade) Miss Brenner & Miss Casella. The goal is to teach girls how to braid hair. What girl could resist the temptation to look like a Queen?
  • Frisbee & American Football Club: Friday (3rd - 9th grade) Mr. Matyszczak. You will have the opportunity to improve your skills in both of these sports, have a fun time playing against other students and also learn important techniques. Both beginners and experienced players will have a great time at the club!
  • Handwriting Club: Friday (1st - 5th grade) Mrs. Celestino. If you want your child to write clearly, you should put him/her in this club.