Middle School

Middle school marks students' journey of growth from young, eager elementary students into maturing, independent high school students. It is a time of remarkable physical change and should also be a time of intellectual expansion, personal discovery, and spiritual growth. The goal of the SCS Middle School is to guide students through this wonderful time of life with a view toward helping them become personas íntegras, reflecting Jesus in character, wisdom, and influence.

To aid in the academic transition, grade 6 is a self-contained classroom in which students switch classes for two subjects each day. This modified schedule is a bridge to a full day of departmentalized instruction in grades 7 and 8, where students attend classes taught by different teachers during eight class periods each day.

Throughout middle school, students refine their language skills in Spanish, English, and French with differentiated course offerings to meet individual educational needs. The curriculum also includes life, earth, and physical sciences, differentiated math through algebra 1, geography, Dominican and American history, language arts (grammar, writing, and literature), art, music, technology, and physical education. Across the curriculum, SCS middle school students develop curiosity, critical thinking, communication skills, and technical skills that combine to shape graduates with a keen global perspective and a heart for Shaping the Nation.