Honor System

Strong communities are held together by shared values and moral principles.
The Honor System emphasizes integrity in all forms, honesty, and respect. By annually signing the Honor Code, weekly reciting the Honor Pledge, and daily practicing integrity, students actively contribute to an atmosphere of trust among the members of the SCS community.

The Honor Code

The Honor Code is the written code of conduct that encapsulates the commitments and goals of those who are part of the SCS community. At the beginning of each year, all students in middle and high school sign the Honor Code, promising to uphold it as the standard for character and conduct at SCS. The Honor Code states: “Santiago Christian School students are personas íntegras who reflect Jesus in character, wisdom, and influence. As an SCS student, I commit to act with honesty and integrity, treat others with respect, and seek the good of all in our community.”

Acting with honesty and integrity includes refraining from cheating, plagiarism, and any other form of unauthorized aid on academic assignments. On every test, quiz, project, or paper, all high school students are required to hand-write and sign the following affirmation:On my honor, I pledge that I have not violated the honor code on this assignment.”

The Honor Pledge

Each Monday morning at flag raising, the whole school community recites the Honor Pledge in unison as a poignant reminder of each person’s commitment to upholding the shared values of the SCS family. The Honor Pledge states: “As children of God, we aim to be personas íntegras, reflecting Jesus in character, wisdom, and influence. Today, I commit to act with honesty and integrity, treat others with respect, and seek the good of all in our community. Heavenly Father, may the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in your sight. Amen.”

The Honor Board

An honor board composed of carefully chosen student leaders is charged with promoting the Honor Code and hearing cases of alleged infractions against it. The purposes of the Honor Board are redemptive. The Honor Board is convened at the discretion of the Principal when a violation has occurred. The Honor Board reports its findings to the Administration with recommended consequences and a plan for the full restoration of the offending student to the community. Commitment to the values embodied in the Honor Code is the foundation for establishing honor and integrity as a way of life for all members of the SCS community.