SCS Guidance helps students become personas íntegras, people who are characterized by fullness of health in all aspects of their lives: academic, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical. In pursuit of this goal, we use a holistic approach that meets students where they are and provides them with the environment and tools they need to reach their potential. The administration of new parent/student orientation, course selection, student academic records, standardized testing, and college planning are conducted from the Guidance offices. Guidance oversees all standardized testing - including MAP, AP, SAT, PSAT, and Dibels - and coordinates academic tutoring.


"commUNITY" supports student leaders who are committed to strengthening the school community. Since students define the health and strength of the school culture, commUNITY works to provide student leaders with the infrastructure and resources they need to affect positive change.

The program is led by the commUNITY prefects, with the support of student committees, and under the supervision of the Guidance department. Student committees focus on specific initiatives like the Big Brother/Big Sister program, the Smile Campaign, and the Peer Mentoring program. commUNITY brings SCS together!

Individual Counseling

Guidance counselors are available to meet by appointment with students, teachers, and parents about a wide range of student concerns. They provide group counseling and interventions for students facing social and emotional struggles and work with the student body as a whole to help ensure a safe, nurturing environment for all students.