Early Childhood Education

The ECE department is a happy place where children play and learn together with loving teachers in a safe environment. What a joy to watch our tiny students growing in character, wisdom, and influence as they daily give thanks, explore God's beautiful world, and pray for one another!

At SCS, the foundation of college readiness begins in ECE. Here balanced, research-based, developmentally appropriate curricula such as Everyday Mathematics and Zoo Phonics combine with rich classroom experiences to inspire in students a love of learning. Communication skills (reading/writing and speaking/listening) development is the heart of the ECE program, beginning with simple sentence formation in PK3 to the early stages of writing stories and journals in kindergarten. Beginning in PK3, non-fiction works from our 10,000-volume English library are introduced to enhance science and social studies themes. Creativity and confidence are nurtured in art, music, and physical education. Beginning in kindergarten, classroom instruction is aligned to Common Core State Standards in the United States.

Our students come from all over the globe, and for many of them, both English and Spanish are second languages. ECE teachers are native-English and native-Spanish speakers, so students are constantly interacting with native speakers of both languages. At SCS, we believe that bilingualism is a precious skill that God can use to advance opportunities for leadership and service in all of life.