Formando Personas Íntegras

In ancient Rome, the term "curriculum" referred to the course that runners followed in a race. Today, educators use the word in very much the same sense: Schools choose a "curriculum" to set the path their students will follow. At SCS, our curriculum is focused on developing followers of Jesus who are personas íntegras. We seek to set before our students a rigorous sequence of learning that leads them to success along the challenging path to which Jesus has called them--the narrow path that leads to life. Jesus leads his children on a path that brings character, wisdom, influence--a path that shapes personas íntegras.

Jesus leads his children to impeccable character -- strength, discipline, creativity, power. He calls them to wisdom --understanding the world, making wise decisions informed by knowledge and clarified through robust critical thinking skills. He calls them to influence -- loving justice and mercy, walking in humility, inspiring others to follow them. Following Jesus is the journey of a lifetime.

At SCS, students receive a world-class education taught by a faculty of native English-speakers who are committed to developing each student to their fullest potential. Our students succeed on AP exams, the SAT, and the Pruebas Nacionales (Dominican national exams) and go on to attend excellent colleges across the globe. Our athletes excel in interscholastic competitions. For more than a half a century, our graduates have gone on to become business leaders, physicians, and public servants in government and non-profit organizations. The SCS curriculum takes students down a path of excellent college and career preparation while ultimately serving a much higher purpose: formando personas íntegras, students who follow Jesus on the journey of lifetime, employing their character, wisdom, and influence to shape the nation.

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