Life in Santiago

Santiago de los Caballeros (Santiago of the Knights—named after the Spanish conquistadors who founded the city) is the second largest city in the country and is nestled in the Cibao Valley, the nation’s breadbasket. The city’s higher elevation means that it’s slightly drier and cooler than the stunning coastline, which lies an hour and a half away, on the other side of a beautiful mountain pass.

Unlike living in some of the beach cities, where foreigners sometimes seem to outnumber Dominicans, life in Santiago is distinctly Dominican. The pace of life is slower and more low-key than life in the capital, and getting around the city is quick and easy. Teachers live a newer neighborhood with restaurants, two malls, and several large grocery stores. Our staff members belong to a broad array of evangelical churches; for Spanish-language learners, some churches offer English translation by radio headsets.

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Life in Santiago