Employee salaries are paid in U.S. dollars and calculated on a single scale, accounting for degree type and level, and for years of experience.


Employee benefits are designed in compliance with local labor law, established through the SCS contract, and include the following:

  • Local health insurance stipulated by local labor law for employee, spouse, and all eligible dependent children
  • Private health insurance for employee, spouse, and up to three eligible dependents until they turn 26
  • Local pension plan as stipulated in labor law
  • Life insurance
  • Matching savings/retirement plan
  • SCS scholarship for eligible dependent children who meet admissions requirements, where space is available (fees apply)
  • Child allowance for up to three eligible dependent children until they turn 23 or marry
  • Continuing education subsidized by SCS upon application approval
  • Leave: holiday, vacation, sick, bereavement, maternity/paternity, matrimonial
  • Free lunch on full school days
  • Bus transportation from within the established bus route to and from school on school days


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