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Middle School students participated in an Amazing Race: Earth Day edition at SCS April 21, 2017. Earth Day is an opportunity for us to take time and enjoy the beauty of nature that God has given us and for us to focus on how we can help conserve our planet and its resources. Students were grouped in teams of about 10 and raced to complete each task around campus. Parents generously donated prizes and materials to support our fun day! Many of our Middle Schoolers also volunteered to help lead the various activities. The afternoon was a little more relaxing with Planet Earth Movies and a wonderful guest speaker who gave out trees to several students. Thank you to everyone who helped make Earth Day 2017 a success!

Peter Pan Jr. was a magical journey this past weekend. Students had outstanding performances that parents, family and friends enjoyed. Special thanks to Selina and Kyla, the directors, and all the people who were involved in the making of the musical. And thank you for supporting the Arts at SCS.

For a recent social studies project the third graders researched an important person in history and presented it to their parents in a wax museum at the curriculum fair. They wrote about their person, memorized a short speech, presented a poster, and dressed as that person. They did a great job displaying the variety of cultures in our world's history.

On Thursday, April 20, third graders had a presentation of the regions of our country, which had an excellent support from both children and mothers. They explained about the geography, customs, gastronomy and main characteristics of each region. Then they tasted typical dishes from each region. Learning is definitely a fun experience.


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